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Patio Weeder Set for tight spots and for getting out weeds between pavers.   $16.50


hand weed hoe

10" Stainless Steel weeding hoe. Great for detailed work around garden plants.            $10.95  


(the gardeners companion)
Use the hand sickle for most all  weeding chores and occasional trimming and dead-heading. The very sharp finely serrated (14 points per inch) stainless steel blade retains sharpness even with a lot of digging through soil. The yellow wooden handle makes this tool easy to find when left in the garden.
Hand Sickle   $11.50

yellow handled hand sickle weeding tool


Soil Knife combined with a tough Sheath made of durable ballistic nylon. The sheath is designed with a slit for belt slip-through. This tool--great for cutting, transplanting, and digging--has a stainless steel serrated 6" blade with depth measurement for bulb planting. The serrations are very sharp and superb for easily cutting roots.  

Open the lock clip on this rake and slide tines to desired width. Close the clip and the width holds (unlike other adjustable rakes I've used, this one holds the chosen width). Great tool for raking leaves or debris out of tight spaces or for spreading mulch over landscape garden beds. The most reliable of the adjustable rakes. 50" long.



A multi-purpose rake for getting into narrow spaces. Good for clean-up around plants and smoothing over soil or dis-lodging small sprouting weeds.

wood handled root cutter sickle


Indestructible, stainless steel heavily serrated blade makes short work of larger  tap-rooted weeds and tree seedlings.


Very useful for trimming, dead-heading and detail pruning, and other chores that require precision cuts. Great for picking fruit, gathering vegetables, cutting buds and flowers. High carbon, pointed, needle-nose garden shears, 2" straight blade, 7 1/2" overall length. A light-weight compliment to the by-pass pruner.

Garden Shears          $10.50

carbon steel needle nose garden shears
multi-tool showing prune head, 2 knife blades, screwdriver and forked tool

7 in 1 gardening tool features a saw, knife, pruner and other functions. Comes with a carrying case that can be attached to your belt.


Gardener's multi-tool showing all implements and size compared to human hand
Work in your garden in comfort. Sit or kneel with this great convertible seat and kneeler. Keep knees and butt dry.

Garden kneeler/seat shown both as kneeler and seat

A comfortable kneeler that relieves the discomfort that accompanies kneeling on hard or wet ground. If your knees get cold, wet, dirty and stiff when planting or weeding--get off the ground with the kneeler. Flip it over and it becomes a convenient and comfortable bench. Thick foam padding makes for comfortable kneeling or sitting.  23" wide x 9" deep x 191/2" high. Use the sturdy tubular steel side bars for arm support when kneeling or rising. Frame can be folded for storage and locks firmly into place when unfolded. Holds up to 275 lbs. kneeler/seat. Weighs 9 lbs.

The few of these we have remaining in stock may have slight cosmetic imperfections in the finish but are structurally sound in every way
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EZ Digger hand cultivator/weeder
The EZ-Diggerr is a unique all-purpose garden tool of Korean origin. It digs, weeds, and thins. Use it to dig holes for planting and transplanting, open and close rows, loosen soil around plants. are used to level, mound and loosen soil and cover seeds.  Use to tear up sod, remove heavily rooted weeds, turn dirt back from. A versatile garden tool you won't want to be without.
EZ-DIGGER     sku 982      $16.95                                               
hand trowel
hand transplanting trowel

Ergonomic DIGGING TROWEL with Cushion Grip. Heavy gauge polished aluminum. Will not rust. High quality well balanced tool appealing to commercial as well as home-garden users.$8.25

Heavy gauge polished aluminum, scoop marked for depth, well balanced tool for commercial as well as home-garden use. 14" overall length. 8" ergonomic grip soft rubber handle and 5" deep by 2 5/8" wide scoop off-set for better control. A solid trowel that won't bend or break.  

Long Handled Tools

long handle EZ Digger (54

The same EZ Digger as above with a 54" hardwood  handle.       $29.95 

hula hoe or swivel hoe--long handled weeding tool


The classic stirrup weeding hoe cuts on both push and pull stroke.

Stirrup Hoe  (54" handle )             $18.95  

Italian Grape Hoe

Fast and efficient weeding tool
Fastest way to weed large areas and a great tool for moving loose soil. The 8" specially tempered sharpened blade is set at the perfect angle for easy weeding and cultivating.

Italian Grape Hoe  $28.95         
Italian Grape Hoe