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...featuring not only gardening weeders and cultivators, including the Cartwright Broadfork, but also Fertilizer Injectors for any size garden, Drip Circles for effective tree irrigation, and the economical season extenders: Mini Greenhouses.

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LEARN MORE about all of our fertilizer injectors: 4 brands--many models, from 1 pint to to 5 gallon capacity tanks

  Inexpensive Add-It injectors are ideal for small garden or patio.

ADD-IT Fertilizer Injector Line pressure forces a small amount of water into the tank where it mixes with the fertilizer and then re-enters the mainline. 1 pt. capacity

$26.95     PURCHASE

1 1/2 qt. capacity ADD-IT $77.00


 For larger gardens, FERTILIZER CADDY  is the perfect solution--available in many sizes: 1/2 Gallon, 1, 2, 3, 5 & 10 Gallons;  with 3/4", 1", 11/2" or 2" line connections.

Drip Circle tree irrigation can be adjusted to the trees expanding drip line as it grows, offering the most efficient and effective method of tree watering available! Water is delivered right to the root zone--and nowhere else at a measured rate. Connect to an irrigation system or place at the end of a garden less than $13 per unit, its the best insurance for tree survival you can get.


 This metal frame with vinyl covering unit can be used as an early season plant starter or a late season plant protector either directly installed on garden beds or on patio. Two zipper lined cut-outs provide easy access and ventilation control. 47 1/4" long by 24" high and deep. $35.00    PURCHASE

 This collapsable umbrella greenhouse is great for protecting tender perennial landscape plants or garden plants from frost or freezing weather. Zippered opening allows easy access or venting. Base flaps allow anchoring  Measures 25" tall x 43" diameter. $39.95



The EZ-Diggerr is a unique all-purpose garden tool of Korean origin. It digs, weeds, and thins. Use it to dig holes for planting and transplanting, open and close rows, loosen soil around plants. The curve of the pointed blade allows soil to be thrown to the side like a plow, making it easier to dig holes and trenches. Pulling this tool is easier for digging and loosening soil than pushing a hand spade.
The edges of the blade are used to level, mound and loosen soil and cover seeds.  Use to tear up sod, remove heavily rooted
weeds, turn dirt back from

sidewalk edges and for defining bed edges formulching. It will cut through landscaping fabric to insert plants, grub out weeds, and move and smooth soil and mulch. A versatile garden tool you won't want to be without.

          EZ-DIGGER           $16.95                                                PURCHASE

The same EZ Digger as above with a 54" hardwood  handle.



This is my number one favorite tool!
I do a lot of weeding, by hand, and this tool is, without doubt, the best weeder I have ever used! I insert the sharp finely serrated blade (14 points per inch) into the soil to make contact with the weed's root. I can usually lift the entire weed  with its root completely out of the soil by an upward tug with the sickle while pulling the above-ground part of the weed with my other hand. If the weed has a deep taproot, I insert the blade to cut off its root far below the surface and yank the weed out.

 This handy tool is also great for trimming grass in tight spots where the mower won't reach. I use the hand sickle for most all my weeding chores and occasional trimming and dead-heading. The very sharp steel blade retains sharpness even with a lot of digging through soil. The yellow wooden handle makes this tool easy to find when left in the garden.
Hand Sickle        $11.50


Long Handled Tools


The classic stirrup weeding hoe cuts on both push and pull stroke.

Stirrup Hoe  (54" handle )             $18.95



 5 1/2" Width, 4 tine Fork/Cultivator, on 54" wooden handle

$21.25  PURCHASE


--used to dig and cultivate!
Used around the world for centuries - because they are fast, simple, and effective. This very sturdy tool is ideal for digging and cultivating. Break ground for new gardens and raised beds. Remove or till-in sod. Trench for drainage or utility lines.

The specially heads for these tools are angled for fast efficient digging and tilling.

The 5 foot long Ash handle is made in the USA.

The 4" (2 lb) grub hoe features the efficient design of the wider tool, but its narrower width is ideal for working smaller gardens with less physical exertion. It is also the perfect tool for narrow trenching for laying irrigation or utility lines.


$28.95        PURCHASE

 To see more garden tools or to find out more about drip irrigation please visit this website:

Patio Weeder Set for tight spots and for getting out weeds between pavers.



This Broadfork is made in Indiana, U.S.A. designed by Richard Cartwright and fabricated by a local master welder.

Multiple tine & spacing alterations are easily arranged on this tool.

Tine Arrangements:

Aerating the soil with your broadfork once or more each year will greatly enhance the long-term productivity of the soil. If your soil is extremely difficult to till (as in heavy clay soils or new ground), it is easier to make several passes, tilling only a few inches deep in each pass. You may also want to start using the 4 tine setup. The 5 tine arrangement with 3.5" spacing is most commonly used for most soil types. The 7 tine configuration with 3" spacing may also be used for extremely fine tilling or for tilling in very loose soils.

Also, using the 7 tines, spaced at 3” apart, you can harvest root crops if you insert along the row or at the edge of a bed and push the broadfork handle nearly all the way to the ground. The potatoes or carrots, etc. will be elevated to the surface for easy harvesting.


Having the same, indestructible, stainless steel blade as the hand sickle above, the root cutter is more heavily serrated and will make short work of larger  tap-rooted weeds and tree seedlings.

 ROOT CUTTER SICKLE               $11.75            



10" Stainless Steel weeding hoe. Great for detailed work around garden plants.




Sturdy multi-purpose gardening and landscaping tool. The companion to the Steel Hoe Pick (below)




Italian Grape Hoe

Fast and efficient weeding tool
The Grape Hoe is the tool offering the fastest way to weed large areas--but it is also a great tool for moving loose soil. The 8" specially tempered sharpened blade is set at the perfect angle for easy weeding and cultivating. It can be used to slice or chop even the toughest weeds & grasses. The Grape Hoe is a quick, efficient weeder for large areas, garden paths, around trees and is also a great aid as soil cultivator and mover in preparing beds.

The Grape Hoe, with its sharp edge is primarily a weeder and soil mover. For digging, use the Grub Hoes.

Italian Grape Hoe  $28.95         PURCHASE

 Heavy Duty MACHETE

24" Blade heavy duty Machete. PVC Handle. Canvas sheath with belt loop is included.

$9.95         PURCHASE

 Own the most versatile broadfork on the market!

Using the Cartwright Broadfork Garden Tiller, with its interchangeable tines, is having 3 broadforks in one. (multiple tine and spacing arrangements are possible)


The Cartwright Broadfork is the toughest on the market! The unique uni-body design assures strength with ease of use (your digging force is transferred more directly to earth with less effort than in broadfork models with verticle handles). The horizontal bar handle is comfortable to use and assures ergonomically correct, efficient soil-working movement.  A boiled linseed oil finish on the white oak handle provides good grip and the finish protects the wood. The 13" hardened tines will penetrate soil to an 11" depth and are  easily removeable with a hand wrench (should they ever bend)--avoiding the expense and trouble of repairs by welding. 

The broadfork is used to loosen soil in preparation for planting or for adding compost or other soil conditioners. It opens and loosens soil while minimizing damage to the soil's living flora and fauna that provide necessary conditions for optimal plant growth.

You'll develop your own digging method or pattern with the broadfork, but I found it helpful to work backwards. By sliding the fork back a few inches after you finish the downward loosening motion...stepping back, positioning for the next insertion you avoid having to lift the fork completely out of the ground and move it forward each time you dig.

Also, particularly if the soil is heavy clay, making two passes, working perpendicular to the first digging direction on the second, will assist in breaking up difficult soil.

47" Cartwright Broadfork

$199    PURCHASE

53" Cartwright Broadfork

$205     PURCHASE

This is my second all-around most used tool.  Its sharp straight blades are great for dead-heading, detail pruning, and other chores that require precision cuts. Great for picking fruit, gathering vegetables, cutting buds and flowers. High carbon, pointed, needlenose garden shears, 2" straight blade, 7 1/2" overall length. A light-weight compliment to the by-pass pruner.

Garden Shears          $10.50



Dig, weed, divide perennials, trans-plant. Beveled for shoveling and a serrated side for sawing.

Hori-Hori means “dig-dig”! These knives are multipurpose – weed, plant, divide perennials, even cut sod. They are beveled for shoveling and have a serrated edge for sawing. The blade is marked for depth measurement for easy planting. This tool has become a favorite amongst Master Gardeners! Vinyl sheath included.

  •  Features: 7" Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel blade
  • Blade is beveled for shoveling
  • Blade has a serrated edge for sawing
  • Blade is marked for depth measurement
  • Vinyl sheath included
This is a great additional tool to have in your gardening tool kit.

Carbon Steel Hori Hori     $21.25                 PURCHASE

Stainless Steel Hori Hori  $26.30                PURCHASE